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October 27, 2012
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Love and Companionship Chapter 3 : You What?

Hello again my fellow Derptor shippers!  

What time is it?... UPDATE TIME!!!  Okay, enough with the Adventure Time references. XD lawl

I'm planning on updating every weekend. That is if I have time. I've been doing pretty well lately. I'm not stressing out so much and I've been getting a few things done.

Anyways, let us continue with the story.


A few hours later...

Doctor was looking outside the open TARDIS door watching the stars and the moonlight. A lot of things happened to him today.

He thought that he was just going to pick up his assistant and best friend from work today. But instead, he ended up saving her from what he could only describe, a selfish monster who needed anger management.

Doctor turned his head around to look at Ditzy who was now sleeping peacefully near the controls, bundled in that very warm wool blanket of his that she loved so much.

Her left wing was now wrapped in a bandage. The sprain wasn't too serious but he advised her to let it rest for a while. Even though she was sleeping peacefully, her face had a look of worry and fear.

The whole time Doctor watched her, he had kept asking himself the same question. How could Ponet be so cruel to such a sweet, beautiful, and innocent mare like Ditzy? She never hurt anyone in her entire life.

It doesn't really matter know. Ponet doesn't deserve her. Ditzy always makes ponies happy with her positive attitude and her smile and Ponet repays her with abuse and neglect just because of jealousy. He just doesn't understand her bubbly personality, her outlook of the world, and how she always positive even in a dangerous situation.

Those were some of the many things that made Doctor love Ditzy.

'Wait.' Doctor thought to himself. ' her?' Doctor looked at the sleeping Ditzy again. He started thinking again, it's probably true.

Although Ditzy isn't the smartest pony in town, he thought she was still very bright. Whenever she smiles, he's always hypnotized by her beautiful face. He always feels better when he hears her voice and her eyes were like gold shinning in the sunlight.

Doctor softly smiled and stared back outside. He then remembered about Ponet. He softly whispered, "Don't worry Ditzy; you won't ever get hurt like that ever again."

Doctor was then snapped out of his thoughts when he suddenly heard whimpering and soft sobs coming from behind him.

"! PLEASE! PLEASE! DOCTOR...DOCTOR HELP ME!" Ditzy screamed in her sleep while tossing and turning furiously.

Doctor eyes widened and rush towards Ditzy. He knelt before her wrapping her in his arms. "Ditzy? Ditzy wake up! It's okay! It's okay." He softly said to her trying to wake her up.

Ditzy's eyes snapped opened, she started gasping for air as she clung to Doctor tightly while sobbing in his chest. Doctor rubbed her back hoping it will help soothe her.

"Sssh. It's okay Ditzy. I'm right here." Doctor said softly in her ear.

Ditzy sobbed for about three minutes until she began to calm down a little and let out a few hiccups. Doctor then titled her chin up with his hoof so she can look at him.

"It was a really bad nightmare wasn't it?" Doctor asked sternly.

Ditzy simply nodded, her eyes still filled with sadness and fear. "It...was about...Ponet."

Doctor frowned and nodded. "If you don't want to talk about I'll understand, but I would really like to help you."

Ditzy softly smiled and shook her head gently. "No it's okay Doctor. I can trust you."

Ditzy hesitated for a minute and then spoke. "In my dream, I woke up here in the TARDIS. I was kind of confused so I went looking for you, but you weren't in any the spare bedrooms or anywhere else in the TARDIS so I went outside. When I went out there, I looked all over; calling out your name but you weren't anywhere. And then... he appeared in front of me. I tried to get away from him but he stopped me before I could leave. And...and then he...he..."

Ditzy stopped as a few tears slid down her face. "AND THEN HE TRIED TO DO HORRIBLE...HORRIBLE THINGS TO ME!" Ditzy cried out as she began to sob real hard again.

Without hesitating, Doctor pulled her in a tight embrace and continued to rub her back. He began to slightly rock her back and forth while she let out a few whimpers.

"Ditzy you know I would never ever do anything like that to you." Doctor said to her. "You're way too important to me. You mean more to me than anyone else. That's why I love you!" Doctor suddenly stopped when he realized what he just said.

Ditzy looked up at him in shock. " what?"

Doctor blushed and began to stutter "I...I... I was just... oh dear."

Then Ditzy began to smile and her eyes lit up "You really love me Doctor?"

Doctor let out a heavy sigh and smiled back at her "Yes. I love you very...very much Ditzy."

"But how come you never told me Doc?" Ditzy asked.

Doctor shrugged "Well I was thinking of telling you before, but then you found Ponet and I figured you just wanted to be friends."

Ditzy gave him a relieved smile "That's the same way I never told you too Doctor. I thought that you only wanted to friends and traveling companions. Then I met Ponet. He seemed really nice and gentle at first, but...I guess I was wrong."

Ditzy looked down in sorrow, "Guess it just proves how na´ve and stupid I am."

Doctor frowned and placed a hoof on her cheek. Ditzy looked at him in surprise while blushing.

"Everyone can be na´ve, Ditzy." Doctor told her gently, "This whole predicament wasn't your fault. So don't ever blame yourself for anything.

Ditzy's smile grew more. She placed her hoof on top of Doctor's. "Thank you Doctor. For everything." She said softly.

Doctor smiled warmly. "It's nothing really."

"I love you too Doctor." Ditzy said as a small tear escaped her eye.

Doctor lightly chuckled. He wiped the tear of her face with the hoof he placed on her cheek.

Then both of their eyes met. They both smiled slightly and without thinking, they both leaned forward slowly as their eyes closed. Soon enough, their lips joined together in a kiss.

The kiss lasted for about forty seconds until they slowly pulled apart. Ditzy's eyes opened wide and her mouth was in the shape of a small o.

Doctor's blush grew darker as he looked back in forth in embarrassment. "I...I. I'm so sorry. I. Didn't know what...came over me. I"

Doctor was then interrupted as Ditzy leaned forward and placed a small kiss on his cheek. Doctor's eyes grew wider and his whole face grew red.

"So umm." Ditzy began, "I guess we're dating now right?"

Doctor looked at her in shock and then smiled and held her hoof. "Yes, I guess we are."

Suddenly, Ditzy let out a yawn and her eyelids grew heavier. Doctor giggled "I think you should get some sleep now. We've had a really crazy day."

Ditzy nodded in agreement. Before she lay back down, she felt something over her waist. She turned to see Doctor laying next her while holding onto her.

"Just in case you have another nightmare, I'll be right here with you." He said in a cute soft British accent.

Ditzy giggled and cuddled closer to him. Then her face began to worry and she looked back up at him. "Doctor, what are we going to do about Ponet?"

Doctor looked at her and then smiled proudly. "If he ever comes near you again, I'll make him pay with every last breath he takes. I promise Ditzy, I won't let anything or anyone come between us and our love."

Ditzy starred at him "You promise?" Doctor nodded "Yes, I promise."

"Cross your heart and hope to fly?" Ditzy asked innocently. Doctor giggled "Yes, I cross my heart and hope to fly."

Ditzy smiled and closed her eyes. She rested her head on Doctor's warm chest.

Doctor gave Ditzy a kiss on her forehead and started to doze off as well. Before they knew it, the two companions fell asleep together.

As a couple.
Well that was Chapter 3 of Love and Companionship. What did you think?
So yeah I probably just gave a bunch of Time Bubbles fans an extreme fluffiness overdose. I told you there would be lots of fluff in this! Oh well. I regret nothing! XD lol

So in the next chapter, I’m going introduce some of the other characters for the story. You’ll just have to wait and see in about a week.

Anyways, please review, favorite, or watch. See ya next time!

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